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University of Debrecen won the title of “Research University” and the 3 billion
forints, two-year EU fund -announced the government in the Parliament.

The goal of the University of Debrecenis to reach and meet the standards and recognitionof the leading european research universities.
In their application they named five prior basic research areas:
– molecular science (including medicine research)
– physical, computing and material science
– molecular medicine
– health and environmental science
– language technologies and bioethics
These representing the mostcompetitive researches of the University of Debrecen.
12 academic research groups, 21 Phd schools and 7 innovative research teams working on these areas.
The 3 billion aid givesan opportunity to top-performing teams and young researchers to create the optimal criteriaof the qualitative and quantitative development of intellectual capacity. The acquisition of modern equipment needed for successful work also.
The two-year grant period is the first stepto theUniversity`s long-term program to reach their goals- saidrector Laszlo Fésüs.

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