PTE to Develop Its Training School in Szekszárd With Half a Billion Forints


The University of Pécs (PTE) is renovating its teacher training primary school in Szekszárd with the help of half a billion HUF development funds.

As part of the development supported by the Human Resources Development Operative Program (EFOP), the PTE Gyula Illyés Primary School will undergo a complete interior renovation by next fall, new equipment will be acquired, and the sports and playground belonging to the building will be modernized, PTE informed MTI.

It was announced that the tender will provide an opportunity for high-quality education, by improving physical education and sports opportunities, to protect children’s health and promote their physical development. In the announcement, it was mentioned that PTE together with Semmelweis University (SE) won one billion forints for the infrastructural development of training schools from the framework of the EFOP. The two institutions can use the money in half: PTE for the Szekszárd institution, and SE for the Pető András school in Budapest.


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