Fradi Defeated By KÍ Klaksvik of Faroe Islands – They Have to Say Goodbye to the Most Prestigious European Cup Competition


Ferencváros’s elimination from the qualifying round of the Champions League has had serious consequences. The Hungarian champions suffered a 3-0 home defeat to semi-amateur KÍ Klaksvik from Faroe Islands.


Gábor Kubatov, the club president, announced on his Facebook page that he and Stanislav Cherchesov will no longer work together – the decision was made after a personal meeting.

“I am ashamed of myself on behalf of everyone. Today’s game was unworthy of Ferencváros. We will draw the conclusions soon. I thank the fans for everything” – the club president wrote after Ferencváros suffered a three-goal defeat to KÍ Klaksvik of Faroe Islands in the first-round home return match of their Champions League qualifier on Wednesday, and had to say goodbye to Europe’s most prestigious cup competition with a 3-0 aggregate score.

Chants demanding the Russian coach’s departure were repeatedly heard in the crowd, and in addition to “Russians, go home!”, Cherchesov, who speaks good German, was offered the kind words “Auf Wiedersehen” (see you again). also reported about the negotiations between the president and the head coach and the end of the cooperation, and also indicated that Csaba Máté will take over the team temporarily.

The 59-year-old Russian coach has been at the helm of Ferencváros since December 2021, with whom the club reached the last eight of the Europa League this season, winning the championship.

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