Three Policemen Got Stabbed in Újbuda – One of Them Dies


Three police officers were stabbed in Budapest’s XI. district, in Újbuda late Thursday night. One of the policemen died.

The police announced that they had received a report after 10:00 p.m. on Thursday that a man living in an apartment building in Lecke street broke into the neighboring apartment.

The police came to the scene, and when the man was taken into custody, he attacked the police. That’s when he stabbed three policemen with a knife and then fled to the street, where one of the patrolmen first fired a warning shot and then shot the man in the leg, so they managed to capture the attacker. The ambulance also went to the scene, and the attacker who was shot in the leg and the three policemen were taken to hospital. One of the policemen was so seriously injured that he died in the hospital.
Photo: MTI – Zoltán Mihádák

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