Newborn Baby Found at the Entrance of the Hospital in Kecskemét


A newborn baby was left at the entrance of the Bács-Kiskun County Teaching Hospital in Kecskemét, the institution announced on Facebook on Wednesday. According to the announcement, the baby boy was found near the main entrance of the hospital at dawn on September 5th, 2023, and was named Hajnal Viktor by the workers of the Neonatal Department.

Although the hospital has had an anonymously accessible infant rescue incubator for years, this time the baby was left wrapped in a sheet on the floor at the entrance. The workers of the nearby bakery heard and saw him when they got to work around 4 a.m. and immediately notified the hospital staff, so within a few minutes the baby was safely in the children’s ward.

Based on the first tests, little Viktor is healthy, 3500 grams and 52 cm, and fortunately, thanks to his quick finding, he did not cool down drastically. The little one still has to undergo a thorough examination and the necessary care and vaccinations, and then he will stay in the hospital’s Neonatal Department for a while. The authorities will take measures regarding his further fate and possible adoption.

The announcement drew attention to the fact that the infant rescue incubator continues to operate in its old, familiar location, on the Nyíri road site, on the side facing the parking garage. A newborn baby can be safely placed in the incubator completely anonymously, the built-in system automatically notifies the hospital staff if someone places a baby in it. In the past decade, he is the fifth child who was left at the Kecskemét institution a few hours after his birth, the previous babies were placed in the incubator, the last such case occurred in 2019.

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