A Cold Front is Arriving Bringing Significant Cooling, Thunderstorms and Stormy Winds


On Tuesday, as a result of an incoming cold front, the tendency for thunderstorms will gradually increase and the atmosphere will remain unstable throughout the day.

The heat moderates, higher values ​​can be measured in the southeast and lower values ​​in the west. During the week, several cold fronts will again pass over us or brush our region, and mainly the fronts arriving in the first half of the week may bring precipitation, but a significant amount is likely mainly in Transdanubia, and in only a few places in the east.

The heat will moderate in Transdanubia on Tuesday, and from Wednesday in the rest of the country, and the heat will not return for the rest of the week. More or less sunshine can be expected on Tuesday, the least in the west, while the most sunshine is expected in the southeastern counties, reports the National Meteorological Service.

According to the danger signal of the meteorological service, a first-degree warning has been issued for all 19 counties due to thunderstorms, in the western part of the country, downpours are also expected. In the east, heat warnings were issued in six counties. As a result of an incoming cold front, the tendency for thunderstorms gradually increases. Initially, they should be expected to develop in the western and northwestern part of the country, and later on the eastern half of Transdanubia, the central part of the country, and with a lower probability in the Northern Central Mountains as well.

The atmosphere will remain unstable throughout the day on Tuesday, in addition to Transdanubia and the North Central Mountains, thunderstorms may also form in the Great Plains in the afternoon and evening.  The atmosphere may remain active late at night, the center of gravity of the thunderstorms is expected to shift more and more to the eastern part of the country.

There will be thunderstorms all week

Clear or partly cloudy, sunny weather is expected in Transdanubia on Wednesday, with a low chance of precipitation. To the east of the Danube, the sky will initially be moderately or heavily cloudy, then the cloudiness will decrease there as well, and the scattered showers and thunderstorms will cease everywhere in the evening hours. The north, north-west wind will revive in many places, sometimes become stronger, and stormy gusts may also occur in thunderstorms. On Thursday, scattered bands of clouds may pass over us from the northwest to the southeast. In addition, more or less sunshine can be expected in most parts of the country. There may be showers and thunderstorms in some places. The north-west wind will pick up in many places, sometimes become stronger, stormy gusts are also expected in thunderstorms.  On the remaining days of the week, in addition to the sunshine, the formation of daytime cumulus clouds is expected in many places. Showers and thunderstorms may occur.

Photo: MTI – Szilárd Koszticsák


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