Restrictions will be lifted further – we can expect this from 10 May


The latest issue of the Hungarian Gazette was published on Thursday evening, which shows, among other things, that from May 10, preschoolers and schoolchildren can hold physical education classes and specialties in sports facilities, swimming pools, gyms or even ice rinks.

Amending the Government Decrees governing the protection measures to be applied in the event of an emergency with a view to the fourth stage of the phasing out of protection measures. This is the beginning of the latest Hungarian Gazette, which reveals that:

for preschoolers and schoolchildren, it will be possible to visit sports facilities, swimming pools, gyms and ice rinks in an organized way (physical education lessons, sports specialties, school sports circles or sports education). This is due to the fact that on 10 May, based on the next phase of the opening, attendance education will return to upper secondary school and secondary schools as well as adult education.

The bulletin also states that working from home in the public administration will be abolished: “working in the place of residence and stay ordered in the public administration and inviting economic actors to seek employment at home will be abolished.”

In addition: Those under the age of 18 under the supervision of a person protected against the coronavirus may return home to Hungary without a quarantine obligation.

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