Szlávik: further tightening is expected


János Szlávik, chief infectiologist of the South Pest Central Hospital, considers it conceivable that the measures taken to control the coronavirus epidemic should be tightened because more and more people become infected and hospitalized due to virus mutants.

On Tuesday, the chief doctor emphasized on the M1 channel that, in addition to the measures, only the vaccine can be used to protect against the epidemic, so it is important that as many people as possible receive the first vaccine as soon as possible.

Because not enough vaccine is yet available, several countries have begun to push the time between the first and second vaccinations to the maximum described in the vaccine’s instructions for use, so more people can get the first dose, which already gives them all the protection, he said. In his opinion, this is the right method as long as there is not enough vaccine.

János Slavik also spoke about the fact that in some countries they are also experimenting with not vaccinating with the same vaccine as the first time with the second vaccination, in an attempt to achieve a higher efficacy. These are just experiments whose results are not known, so for the time being, it is necessary to insist that both vaccinations be given with the same vaccine, the chief physician argued.

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