Water Drainage System is Being Modernized in the Eastern Part of Pécs

Local News

The rainwater drainage system in the valley of the Lámpás stream running in the eastern part of Pécs will be modernized for almost two kilometers with EU support. The renovation will cost about 150 million forints, the local government of the Baranya county seat informed MTI.


The stream is one of the main recipients of rainwater in the district, but at the same time it is no longer able to perform its function to the fullest because the shorelines have torn off in several places, the fences of residential homes have fallen and the foundation has washed out.

During the half-year-long reconstruction works, the riverbed will be arranged on a two-kilometer-long section, the embankments will be removed, the bank walls will be strengthened and a sediment catcher will be built, and a forty-square-meter reservoir will also be built.


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