A half-billion HUF development

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More than 70 fresh IT graduates and PhD graduates can have a job at the IT Services Centre in Debrecen. The company will spend almost 500 million HUF to upgrade its telecommunication devices. They got this sum of money from the European Union.

Most of the company`s workforce graduated at the University of Debrecen. The average age of its workers is below 30. Beata Szotak said if the IT graduates have appropriate English and German language skills, they easily get a job.
The company is going to start a new development program with the help of the 463 million HUF EU fund built on the University graduates and PhD graduates.
They will begin research on new computing and communication fields, creating 78 new jobs.
They going to make new softwares here in Debrecen not only supporting and focusing on existing IT supporting. Formerly they did not developed new things, new programmes in their Debrecen center.
They have already begun the selection of new workers.

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