A sneak thief in court

Local News Police

The 31 years old homeless thief has been sentenced twice under fast track procedure by the Debrecen Court in May.

On the 29th of April the offender get inside a Hajdubagos private property climbing over the fence.
Getting inside the apartement he stole a mobile phone which was left on a table.
He hit his head and broke his arm during his escape over the fence. The neighbor noticed the offense and immediately called the local police. The cell phone of the local patrol rang so the officer ran after the man within a couple of minutes.He called reinforcements and they stopped the thief in Bocskai street.
The offender was sentenced 6 months imprisonment on 18th of May.
On 16th of May around 22:30 he sneaked into a house of Debrecen street in Hosszupalyi. He tried to steal kitchen equipment and other tools, but the owner of the property noticed the police. He has to answer the questions of the Court in this offence.

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