Budapest within 2hours by train

Local News

Last week the Hungarian government accepted the plan of the major railway development. The National Development Agency will forward it for approval to Brussels.

They will spend nearly 140 billion forints /520 million euros on the renewal of the Szajol – Puspokladany railway section.

The investment is planned to end in 2013, with a 137,4 billion forints budget. The requested EU participation is around 93 billion forints.

With this development the capital will be accessible within 2 hours.

The Budapest – Zahony railway as a part of the Trans European Railway System plays a significant role in the East-West European trade and transportation. The line is a direct link between Budapest and Ukraine.

On the 68 km long section the available maximum speed will be over 160km/h, and the rails structurewill be stronger as well to enable more and heavierfreight trains.

On the stations and stops new platforms under-and overpasses and traffic noise reducing walls will be built. They will installing the ETCS (European Train Control System) during the renewal.

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