Nébih Recalled Chocolate – Do Not Eat This Product


Cachet’s almond dark chocolate made with 72 percent cocoa is being recalled due to an aflatoxin content above the limit value, the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) announced.


The agency asks customers not to consume the chocolate with the following data:

100-gram package,

item number: L22343,

with a best before date of March 9th, 2024.

The sweets from Belgium are manufactured by Kim’s Chocolates (Belgium) and distributed by Brand Mix Kft. (Budapest). The product was notified from Belgium through the EU’s Food and Feed Safety Alert System (RASFF). Nébih explains on its website that even in very small quantities, aflatoxins are toxic, liver-damaging, carcinogenic compounds that adversely affect the genetic material of cells and the body’s defense system. In large quantities, they can cause rapid, acute poisoning, in which severe liver failure can even lead to death. Children and those suffering from hepatitis B virus hepatitis are particularly sensitive to aflatoxins. In order to protect the public, the maximum permissible aflatoxin content of many foods and feed is prescribed by EU legislation.


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