“Government Committed to Defending Utility Bill Caps”


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in an interview with public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Friday, underlined the government’s commitment to “defending the results” of the scheme to cap utility bills.


Put to him that the government scheme was anti-market, he said: “I’m not interested in the market; I’m interested in the Hungarian people.” Orbán said the left wing believed in an “oracle” that conjured an image of the market. “We, on the other hand, must base our logic on being free and able to regulate ourselves.” He said the scheme which has run for the past eight years had proven its worth and it must be defended “by attacking the left wing and Brussels”. The prime minister said tax increases would inevitably follow an election win by the left. The Fidesz government, however, pursued tax cuts as a way to create jobs, he added.




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