Kurtág’s ‘Fin De La Partie’ Performed in Opera Garnier, Paris


World-renowned Hungarian composer György Kurtág’s first opera, Fin de la partie, is being performed at the Opera Garnier in Paris from April 30 to May 19.


The performance is a reprise of the work’s 2018 premiere in La Scala Milan. Directed by Pierre Audi, the singers are Frode Olsen (Hamm), Leigh Melrose (Clov), Hilary Summers (Nell) and Leonardo Cortellazzi (Nagg). Fin de la partie, 96-year-old Kurtág’s longest piece, is based on Samuel Beckett’s eponymous play, written in French and premiered in Paris in 1957. Kurtág said in an interview earlier that the play had had a “lifelong effect” on him when he saw it the same year. French daily Le Monde praised the opera as a “masterpiece” that “infuses with humanity the nihilism of the Irish author, examining the end of humanity, the death of language and the abolition of all property.”





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